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These backing tracks are awesome, just playing with them has already improved my phasing!!! I'm just getting started on the licks, equally great. Best investment I've ever made in my guitar playing, except maybe my Fender (Rivera) Concert. Man, I'm having a blast!"

- KC Ennis Longmont, Colorado

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Thank you so much for your help. I have bought many videos and yours is the most organized, comprehensive, and detailed I have. It is also a pleasure to do business with you. I appreciate the opportunity to correspond occasionally when something isn't clear."
-- Richard Smith, Murrieta, California

Highly Recommended!



I've been playing for years and I am enjoying this soooooooo much I highly recommend it to anyone novice or pro."

- Ron Hemphill Prineville, Oregon




I just wanted to let  you know,  your  Blues  course  is   fantastic.
I'm an old  guy  and  always  have played bass, but  wanted to learn  some blues  moves.

Thanks  Tom"

- Gary Smith, Halifax, Nova Scotia

What Kind Of Material Is Covered In Blues Master Monthly?

  • Solo Studies

    Solo Studies

    Each month our Solo Studies sections goes deep on the playing style of a famous blues guitarist. Not only do we learn two of their signature style solos, we also pick them apart to show you exactly how they make their sound and how you can incorporate it into your own playing. We’ll be looking at everyone from Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan and BB King, to David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Joe Bonamassa and plenty more!

  • Rhythm Skills

    Rhythm Skills

    Learning to play effective rhythm parts is an area sorely undercovered in most courses both online and offline. With our Rhythm Skills section, you’ll be learning all the essential skills you need to become a solid, dependable rhythm player. We’ll be looking at how to tackle different grooves, how different chord shapes affect the rhythm section and how everything fits underneath the lead guitar. Even if you’re more of a lead player, you’ll want to study this stuff too!

  • Chords


    This is where we go through literally everything you’ll ever need to know about chords. We’ll be learning new shapes, talking about how and why they work and looking at a a lot of  situations where the chord choices play a huge role in the overall sound of the track. If you tie this together with our Rhythm Skills modules, you’ll have your rhythm playing mastered in no time.

  • Quick Licks

    Quick Licks

    This section is great, if you have a spare 10 minutes to play and you want to learn something cool nice and quick. Each month we look at some signature blues licks, which you can absorb into your guitar playing toolbox, quickly and easily. Even if you just dedicated yourself to learning these licks each month and nothing else, before long your vocabulary as a guitar player would go through the roof. Who said you had to spend countless hours practicing, in order to sound great?

  • Guitar Gym

    Guitar Gym

    This section is for those of you who really want to knuckle down and get the job done. The Guitar Gym is a series of exercise videos for your fingers. If you want to learn to play faster and more fluently, with more accuracy and grace, this module is going to help you. We look at areas like speed building, fretboard knowledge, picking dexterity and more. This is all about building your overall “mechanical skills,” when it comes to playing guitar.

  • Theory


    Now don’t be scared! We’re not going to overwhelm you with a million different concepts you’re never going to use or understand here. Where so many theory lessons go wrong, is that they cover every single aspect and every single detail of musical theory, most of which you’re never really going to need. Our theory lessons take you through step by step, with awesome little nuggets of information which you can immediately apply practically. This is all about having fun, while improving your overall knowledge of the mechanics behind the music. Once you have a better understanding of how everything works, your playing will improve, guaranteed!

  • Backing Tracks

    Backing Tracks

    Each Blues Master Monthly module comes complete with professionally recorded backing tracks for you to jam with and practice over. These tracks are specifically recorded to be as close to jamming with a real band as you can get, without having a drum kit and bunch of sweaty guys in your bedroom!

  • Tabs

    Full Tablature

    All our modules have the full guitar tablature available for download too. That way you can print everything out and have the sheets on your music stand, when you practice. Essential stuff!

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Our goal at Blues Master Monthly is to help you achieve your guitar playing goals in the easiest and fastest way possible.  It’s like lifting weights at the gym. What’s the point in doing it, if you’re not gonna gain some muscle and lose some fat? That’s how we look things at Blues Master Monthly. Rather than throw a million disjointed lessons at you, we split each module into sections, each of them lasting between 5-15 minutes. That way, you tackle each subject one at a time, without becoming overwhelmed. By studying this way, you’ll see yourself making improvements pretty much immediately, as you apply the concepts in each video.

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We cover a ton of different subjects, such as, Rhythm Skills, Full Solo Studies, Quick Licks, Chords, Theory, Scales and much more. We have literally everything you need to master blues guitar, all in one place!

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We’ve received a huge amount of positive feedback from our members. Over time we’ve taken their feedback and crafted the site and our lessons into an even higher standard of tuition. So much so, that 96% of our members told us in a recent survey, that they would recommend Blues Master Monthly to friends. Don’t take our word for it though, you can hear it right from the horses mouth over on our Reviews page.